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13 January 2007 @ 02:54 pm
Meet The Stylists: Cycle 1  
I'm going to go ahead and start the competition because it seems like no one else is going to apply, and I've promoted and advertised as best as possible. The first few photoshoots will be just for fun, and to let us get to know you because of the limited amount of contestants. All photoshoots should look like they could be in a fashion editorial, but the focus should be on the clothing. I'll be posting the new photoshoots very soon.



Brief Biography:
Obviously I love fashion, art and shopping since I waste so much of my time writing about it in my journal. I consider myself to be very thrifty too. In my spare time I like to sew garments after my own design and look trough fashion magazines. I also like to draw, whether it is a poster for our student society or just doodles from my anatomy book. This may not come as a surprise, but I’m an eager amateur photographer as well. My camera isn’t that good and my photos lack artistic qualities, but I love taking pictures of me and my friends, or the latest clothes I’ve bought. When I’m not at school, work or desperately working out to look somewhat decent in a bikini, I like to spend time with my best friends.

I really like the idea of a community like this that gives young ordinary people, who also have a dream of maybe becoming a stylist or working in the fashion industry one day, a chance to feel what it would be like to participate in a contest with other aspiring stylists. Like I’ve already mentioned, fashion has always been one of my greatest passions and there’s nothing I would like more than to maybe work in the industry one day. The reasons why I would like to participate in this contest are many. I like the idea of using my own creativity and showing of outfits. It would be nice to finally get some comments on my “work”, whether it is good or constructive. Besides, who wouldn’t want an excuse to dress up and showing of? :P I think I could learn a lot from this contest, get greater confidence in myself as a stylist and also have a lot of fun.


Brief Biography:

I have been interested in fashion for as long as i can remember. Fashion has always been a part of my life, as my mother is a fashion designer. I love looking at fashion magazines. The pieces of clothing themselves and the photography is what i most love. my favorite magazines are teen vogue, british vogue, british elle, and nylon.
I dont have a favorite designer, but i love united bamboo, stella mccartney, roland mouret, marni, miu miu, prada, and lanvin.
i hate to sound cliche, but i am definitely inspired by kate moss. i also love gwyneth paltrow, ashley olsen, and kirsten dunst.
my favorite fashion model is currently irina lazareanu.

KATE, 14

Brief Biography:
I've always been interested in fashion, but never really got to show it until I went to high school for the first time in September of this year. I go to an arts school, so everyone I see in the halls every day inspires me to express myself more in the way that I dress. My favorite designer is Marc Jacobs, because his designs are classically beautiful with a modern twist. My main inspiration, besides the other students at my wonderful school, is the many street fashion websites I frequently visit (like Hel-Looks and Wardrobe Remix).


Brief Biography:
I've been into fashion I guess, since the summer. not that long. I found this community through a project runway community, and I thought "why not?" I think I have my own style and I deffinitly stand out from the rest of those in my school. actually, I was voted most unique and class individual. I don't have a favriote designer, most of my favriote peices of clothing remind me of something, and thats the reason I wear it, I like looking like other people, but still myself. I am my favriote photographer... My main inspirations, are probably magicians.... I like wearing more tailored looks, and gloves, and I also like madness, I usually like to wear either black or white outfits, but at the same time I like to surprise people with tons of color. I think I have what it takes to be in this competition, and I hope to have lots of fun with you guys.